There are times when your life will unfortunately intersect with the legal system and your rights, finances, and freedom will be severely impacted by how the law is applied to you. One of the most important factors in protecting your legal rights is choosing the right counselor at law - your attorney.

Mark Schondorf is an experienced litigator and trial attorney. Mr. Schondorf brings his skills to help defend his clients rights in court, and negotiate settlements for their best interests. Mark Schondorf practices primarily family law, and helps his clients deal with pre-marital and post marital agreements, divorce and dissolution, and child custody disputes. Mark Schondorf also practices general civil litigation by helping business owners with commercial disputes.

The Law Offices of Mark Schondorf wants to be your first stop when you have a legal problem, whatever it may be. If Mark Schondorf cannot help you, he knows a competent attorney who can. Call Mark Schondorf for a free telephone or in-office consultation.

A jury consists of twelve persons chosen to decide who has the better lawyer

-Herbert Spencer